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Love my work but not quite finding what you are looking for? Well, you're in luck beacuse I take comissions! looking for a piece that I already make but have a spesific colour or shape in mind I will make at a simillar price to the listed item.


 Looking for something a little extra special? Please send me an email with your idea and I will be able to give you an estimate on cost, and timeline for creation. If you need something by a spesific date, especially for shipping please be sure to contact me well in advance to allow for adequate time to make your piece with the quality you desrve. Depending on the scale, complexity, and finsh, the time in which I will be able to complete it will vary, as I have limted acess studio acess due to covid.


For a sample of commisons I have made, please look below! 


Martial Arts

Days of Fire Candle Holder

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